Towser: Volume 1 is a UK VHS released by Palace Video and later by ABC for Kids and Video Selection Australia on September 23, 1991.


  1. Towser and the Terrible Thing
  2. Towser and Sadie's Birthday Party
  3. Towser and the Lion
  4. Towser and the Water Rats
  5. Towser and the Smile Machine
  6. Towser and the Goblin Gopple
  7. Towser and the Magic Apple
  8. Towser and the Nosey Parker
  9. Towser and Sadie's Robot
  10. Towser and the Holiday
  11. Towser and the Alien Invader
  12. Towser and the Funny Face
  13. Towser and the Secret (UK only)


  • Tony Ross' last name is spelt "Rose" on the back cover of the Australian release at one point.
  • The Australian release was simply called Towser and excludes Towser and the Secret.

Opening Previews

1991 Release

  • 1988-1995 Warning Scroll
  • ABC Video (1991)
  • Video Selection Australia (1991-1992)
  • ABC For Kids Promo (1991-1993)
  • Rating Screen


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